Vinegar Wash, Egg Conditioner, Oil Set

Natural remedies for natural, shiny hair are right in your daily grasp! A treatment of water and vinegar leaves the hair shiny and lustrous while cleaning the scalp which is the core of strong and healthy hair. A cleaner rinse provides a scalp breathability creating stronger, longer locks of hair.

Egg Conditioning entails a high protein conditioning which is the substance of hair. Hair is a dead item once it leaves the follicle, therefore the goal is to maintain the rich conditioned state as it exits that follicle. To do so, a deep egg conditioner thoroughly rinsed with a mild to moderate conditioner such as Pantene products, Garnier Fructis, Dove products, Organix, Andalou Naturals, Cara B Naturally, Palmers, or Nubian Heritage are essential to remove the build up.

A leave in oil such as shea butter cream/oil, coconut oil (beautiful smell), and jojoba or Moroccan oil creates a shine while holding moisture. These oil types are maintained with a silk scarf or cap at bedtime. Be mindful, too much oil can clog pores and slow down hair growth, therefore the oil is to be used at the core of the root (not scalp) and massaged into the hair.

Stay tuned for more great ideas on Natural Hair Care at Confessions of the Natural Hair Blog!


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